The name of our robot is Argem Mikro3. Using 3D-design programs, we
designed a case in which our materials are going to be able to fit. Our micro
sumo robot has a Pika Mini Robot Card on it. There is an atmega328p processor
and 1 motor driver on the Pika-v1.6 V 80 Rpm Reducer DC motors are used for our
robot's motor. 1 sharp is used as a sensor in the robot. The robot is equipped
with 2S 7.4 V 300 mah lipo. The robot caster is made of 20 shore silicone. The
total weight of the robot is 64 grams. We tried to build a strong Micro Sumo
robot, and we have ensured that the center of gravity is evenly balanced on the
front of our robot, which makes it easier for the robot to force the opponent
robot out. In order to detect the competitor, we have precisely adjusted the
angle of our sensors on the robot. We preferred sensors with a very short
response time. 


Добавлен 22.09.2019